Online Audition Applicant’s Qualification & Date

Qualification for Application: NO RESTRICTIONS to ages, genders, and nationalities

Application Period: Always open



Send an email with an application and video attached

※All photos and videos must be taken with the primary camera without any kind of retouching※


Camera Test

Camera Test at Company & Audition

(Only for the applicants who passed the E-mail Application)


Meeting with the staff & Final Audition

(Only for the applicants who passed the first audition and will be privately held)



Will be individually contaced to the successful applicants


Vocal & Rap
- Any Genre
-Unaccompanied / 1 minute or less

★ Need to attach a video
※ Have to take the video as the upper half of body video taken with a standard camera


- Any Genre
- About 2 minutes

★ Need to attach a video
※ Full of the body have to take with the standard camera


-  Any kind of Genre (Free acting) 
- About 2 minutes

★ Need to attach a video
※ Have to take the video as the upper half of body video taken with a standard camera  ※
※ Video with the angle that can show facial expressions well※
(Primary Camera)


- 2 photos of your face and 2 photos of
 full body
(Photos without any kind of filter)

- Specialty video with self-introduction

(Any kind of specialty)

※When applying for an online audition, you may apply for up to two duplicate positions

※ If your audition application and attachments do not fit the criteria, you will not be considered

※ All attachments must be taken with a primary camera, and photos and videos that have been retouched will not be considered


1. Download and fill out the audition application form 

2. Video shooting that fits the recruitment area

3. Email with attached files (photos, videos, application form)


1. Please write down your 'cell phone number' or 'email address' that you can contact when applying for the audition.

2. Documents and audition-related materials after received at the time of application for the audition will not be returned
   and will be considered to agree to the use of personal information.

3. Only individually notify to passed applicants within a month of passing the first audition.

4. When applying for the audition, please check the attached file and email address according to the areas that you applied to.

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Q. When can I apply for an online audition of MNH?

A. MNH Online Auditions are always available, and anyone (no nationality, gender, age restrictions) can apply at any time.
Q. Can I re-apply for the audition?

A. You can re-apply for the audition. However, if you re-apply with the same photos and videos, we cannot evaluate the re-applied application, so please prepare new photos and videos to apply.
Q. Can I apply for an audition as a team?

A. We don't accept duet or team application. Please apply individually.
Q. Can overseas applicants apply for auditions?

A. It's possible. Please attach the file in the way specified on the homepage and apply by e-mail.
MNH Artist Development team E-mail address: /
Q. Do you have an audition application sheets?

A. There is an audition application form 'button' in 'How to Apply'.  
Please download and fill out the application form.
Q. How can I know the result?

A. Will be contacted individually with the contact information you filled out on the audition application within a month only for the people who passed.
Q. There are no corresponding inquiries. Where can I ask?

A. If you have any questions about the audition, please contact the Kakao Talk MNH Artist Development Team.